nightly cares (demos)

by sam

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sleepy pop songs

recorded with that voice recorder thing on phones


released November 10, 2016



all rights reserved


cryin' eno Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

jarod and sam



ol' lol
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Track Name: november (demo)
moving close to you do my best to be quiet

just wanna hear your sleepy breathing

your hairs messed up all over your face

for some reason i like it that way

cut into you and pull out parts

use the pieces in a work of art

you look like a painting
Track Name: sleeping with you (demo)
spend a lot of time just you and me

you know how us kids will be

sit around watching twin peaks

happy as can be

completely wasted

throw up next to the bed

smile through the putrid taste

this happens always
Track Name: blankets wrapped around my head (demo)
i can't put my finger on it
there's something about you that's different

known each other since back at school
i don't miss myself from school

everything i know is fictitious
you turned me superstitious

i can't tell what's real
i'm forgetting how to feel

you don't know how good it feels to be alone
Track Name: make me up (demo)
your waxy lipstick is still on my lips

it makes me feel like robert smith

if you want you can paint my toes

you always know how to make me feel pretty
Track Name: sleeping on trains (demo)
i had the best day ever

thought about getting out of bed
then forgot about it

pull the covers over my head
live under there a while

stretch out my crooked legs
pop my hip

close my eyes
and fall back asleep

i always
remind myself
of you and me
Track Name: tuck me in before you leave (demo)
things are so soft and blurry these days

i don't have any friends anymore

they're all fakes and such a bore

it's okay though i'd rather be alone

the only place i wanna go is home
Track Name: ewan (demo)
i don't have enough time to do the things i want to do

i just want to smoke a bit read a book and get over this fit

i waste all of my time on people i don't even like

if this is bliss it will be missed

i don't have enough time to do the things i want to do

i just want to stare at a wall sing songs about nothing at all

if this is bliss it will be missed
Track Name: stomach pains (demo)
i feel like i've been here all night long

laying in the grass outside

i feel the bugs crawling in my hair

the worms are getting into my shoes

i see you there smiling at me

hold out my hand ask you to join me

you say no that's okay then it starts to rain

the ground starts to get muddy

i begin sinking slowly

eventually it's all around me

if you need to find me you know where i'm buried